I've completely redesigned the site. I hope you like it. I've switched to drupal (see: http://drupal.org) and I hope to keep the site up to date.

Cat on a Dolphin Game

A really fun flash game from d_of_i


Bowman 2

Click Image to play or download game.

Flash Games

Collection of Flash Games from around the web. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments.

Cat On DolphinCat On DolphinBillardsBillardsBowman 2Bowman 2

Billards Game

Click Image to play or download game.

Movie Review of Hoodwinked

Going on a date!

My daughter (she's eight) took me out to see HoodWinked. She'd seen it before—two weeks ago— with my wife. She liked it enough that she wanted to see it again and wanted me to see it with her.

How To Fix Particle Board Furniture

Uh oh!

Unfortunately kids' furniture isn't kid proof—then again, what is?

The Damage

It was probably only minutes after the first bed was invented that it was jumped on. The day after my niece had spent the night, we noticed the mattress was sagging on our daughter's bed. Since they always do things together, we're sure both girls are to blame.

Since I had assembled the bed myself a year and a half earlier, I figured it was up to me to fix it. So I took the mattress off and inspected the damage. I was expecting the slats to be out of place or even broken. Sure enough, they were out of place.

About Me

I've been working in IT for more than 10 years now. I used work mainly with file and print services and end user support. But lately my focus has shifted to e-mail and other internet services. I've been using computers since the 8-bit days of the mid-eighties and I have a general love of gadgets.

I'm also the father of an autistic child, which (to me) is really my profession. Being a dad is far more rewarding—it just doesn't put bread on the table. I've put together a little autism related website called Autistic Spectrum News.

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